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Trading Leverage (2-Step Funded)

What is the available trading leverage on instruments on the funded account? Support avatar
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Up to 1:100 | Leverage varies for different instruments:

FX - 1:100

Indices/Gold - 1:50

Crypto - 1:5

This may change without notice. It is best to check all trading conditions on the free trial account

A 1:100 leverage on FX helps empower scalpers and day traders by being able to capitalize on intraday moves.

At FundingTraders, we believe in empowering traders with diverse trading leverage options tailored to different instruments. Depending on the asset class, our leverage ratios vary to meet your specific trading needs:

  • FX: Up to 1:100

  • Indices/Gold: Up to 1:50

  • Crypto: Up to 1:5

Kindly note that these leverage ratios are subject to change without prior notice. To stay informed about the latest trading conditions and leverage offerings, we encourage you to check our free trial account, which allows you to explore our platform risk-free.

Notably, our 1:100 leverage on FX plays a crucial role in supporting scalpers and day traders. It empowers them to take advantage of intraday price movements effectively. With the ability to control larger positions relative to their account balance, traders can seize opportunities for potential profit maximization on short-term trades.

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