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Learn more about the leading forex prop firm

Welcome to FundingTraders, the industry-leading forex proprietary firm. Discover our mission and how you can elevate your trading as a funded trader. Access cutting-edge technology, advanced community mentorship, and diverse strategies. Join us now and unlock your potential in the forex market. Let's take your trading to new heights together.

Evaluation Trading Objectives

Discover the trading objectives for the challenge stage (1-step and 2-step) to become a funded trader. Explore FundingTraders' trading period, maximum daily loss, maximum loss, and more. Take the next steps towards success with us. Your funded trading journey awaits!

Important Trading Rules for your Evaluation and Funded Account

For a successful trading experience, we have essential dos and don'ts to ensure your safety and ours. As a prop firm, strict adherence to these rules maximizes trading success for both traders and the firm. Explore our best trading practices for a thriving partnership. Let's navigate the forex market together, responsibly and profitably.

Funded Trader Trading Objectives

As our funded trader, we welcome you with the best conditions in the prop firm industry. Key highlights are our balance-based daily loss limit and our minimum trading days. Experience the FundingTraders treatment.

Elite and Apex Accounts ($1,000,000 - $2,000,000)

If you're an advanced trader seeking to trade with larger capital, our elite and apex funded accounts are the perfect match. Discover how you can access $1 million to $2 million in proprietary trading firm capital. With our Elite and Apex accounts, enjoy hands-on trading, direct access to senior traders, and even our CEO's expertise.

FundingTraders Account Rules

Trading accounts at FundingTraders offers unmatched versatility and favorable features. As the foremost prop firm, our maximum funded accounts and funded account scaling plan set us apart. Embrace the FundingTraders experience and unlock boundless opportunities in the forex market.

The most favorable prop firm payout conditions

At FundingTraders, we prioritize payouts, recognizing it as vital for our funded traders. Our pride lies in providing the prop firm industry's finest reward system. With the best payout time and profit split, we lead in incentivizing and attracting top talent. When our traders succeed, our prop firm prospers, fostering a mutually beneficial partnership. Join us and reap the rewards of success-driven trading.

Prop Firm Career With FundingTraders

Ready to be a prop trader? Discover your earning potential with us. Interested in collaborating with FundingTraders? Learn how to apply here. We continuously seek talented traders and partners to maintain our position as the industry's premier prop firm. Join us on the journey to excellence.

Learn more about our broker/LP

Learn more about our broker and how we are able to provide our traders with the best trading conditions in the forex prop firm space. From fast executions to commission-free accounts, we have it all for you. As a funded trader, you shouldn't have to worry about poor trading conditions. Focus on making profits on your funded account, we'll cover your fees.

Principles at our proprietary trading firm

To foster a symbiotic relationship with our funded traders, please read our company principles that are expected from our traders and our company team members. Relationship building through integrity is what continuously drives us in the direction of being the leading forex prop firm.

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