What are the payout methods?

What are the payout methods?

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Rise (2-7 business days)

Bank Transfer via Rise | You may receive your payout straight to your bank by using Rise Pay. The minimum payout amount to receive your payout via Rise is $200.

1. Sign up for Rise: https://pay.riseworks.io/auth/register
2. Request for payout via Discord or Email
3. Receive payout bonus!

Crypto (6-12 business hours)

Coinbase Commerce | Our choice of payout method is crypto (mainly USDT-ERC20)

Crypto is the fastest method we can process payout commissions (6-12 hours on average). The minimum payout commission requirement is $50.

1. Open a ticket on Discord or Email
2. Request for payout with your Account Number and Crypto Wallet Address

3. Receive payout bonus!

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