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Are there any lot size limitations?

No, there isn't as long as it's within the available leverage. Support avatar
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None. | We don’t have limits on lot sizes as different lot sizes are necessary for trading in different styles.

Swing traders typically use lower lot sizes due to farther stop loss placement. Vice versa for intraday traders and scalpers.

Note: We focus on the consistency of your position sizing. This includes, but is not limited to, consistently going all in/risking a significant % of your account balance in one trade. Violators are usually those who increase their position sizing during news events.

This will raise red flags and cause the team to investigate your trades - leading to a possible termination of the account due to dangerous risk management.

At FundingTraders, we understand that different trading styles require varying lot sizes, and therefore, we have no limitations on lot sizes. We believe in granting traders the flexibility to choose lot sizes that align with their specific trading strategies.

For instance, swing traders often opt for lower lot sizes because they typically set wider stop loss levels to account for longer-term price movements. Conversely, intraday traders and scalpers might use larger lot sizes to capitalize on shorter-term price fluctuations.

It's important to emphasize that while we do not restrict lot sizes, we place a significant emphasis on the consistency of your position sizing. This means avoiding sudden and substantial increases in your position size or risking a significant percentage of your account balance in a single trade. Such actions can raise red flags and prompt our team to investigate your trades, as they indicate potentially dangerous risk management practices.

In extreme cases, violating position sizing consistency, particularly during news events, can lead to the termination of your account due to the elevated level of risk involved. At FundingTraders, we prioritize responsible risk management to ensure the safety and sustainability of your trading activities within our platform.

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