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What happens when I violate a trading rule?

Your account is terminated according on the agreed terms of service. You are not liable for any losses on the account. Support avatar
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Account Termination | In the event of a trading rule being violated, the trader will lose trading access and privileges. To continue the evaluation and receive a funded account, the trader must go through a new evaluation.
​No liability | The trader has no liability to any of the losses. This is the same for funded traders. However, any profit that they have made in the funded account during the trading period will be forfeited.

In the unfortunate event that a trader violates one of our rules, specific actions will be taken:

Account Termination: When a trading rule is breached, the trader's trading access and privileges will be terminated. To resume the evaluation process and potentially gain access to a funded account, the trader must initiate a new evaluation.

Importantly, traders are not financially liable for any losses incurred. This policy applies to both evaluation and funded traders. Regardless of whether losses occur during the evaluation or while trading a funded account, traders are not held responsible for these losses.

However, it's essential to note that if a trader has generated profits in a funded account during the trading period and subsequently violates a rule, those profits will be forfeited. This measure is in place to underscore the importance of adhering to our established rules and maintaining a disciplined and responsible approach to trading.

At FundingTraders, our primary goal is to provide a transparent, fair, and secure trading environment. These rules are designed to ensure the safety and integrity of our trading program while allowing traders the opportunity to grow and succeed responsibly.

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