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Stop Loss Requirement (1-Step Funded)

Is a stop loss order required in a 1-step funded account? Support avatar
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We understand that traders have diverse risk management strategies, including the use of EAs/bots for automated risk management. As such, we do not impose a mandatory stop loss order, recognizing the flexibility traders need to implement their preferred risk mitigation strategy.

However, while stop-loss orders are not mandatory, we strongly advise all our traders to consider placing a stop-loss order for their trades. Stop-loss orders act as essential safety measures, helping limit potential losses and protect our trading capital. By incorporating stop-loss orders into your trading routine, you can effectively manage risk and enhance the overall stability of your trading results.

While the decision to utilize stop-loss orders remains optional, we encourage you to embrace risk management best practices to optimize your trading experience and achieve your financial goals with confidence.


No | Due to many traders using EAs/bots for their risk management automation, we do not require a stop-loss order.

However, we highly suggest that you always place a stop-loss order.

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