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Profit Split and Payout at FundingTraders Forex Prop Firm
Profit Split and Payout at FundingTraders Forex Prop Firm

There is no other forex prop firm that offers a 100% profit split like FundingTraders. It's the only Support avatar
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โ€‹80-100% | Our default profit split is capped at 80% to the trader and 20% to us.
โ€‹*Add-ons for 90% or 100% profit split is available upon checkout
*The minimum payout is $50 profit on any account size

Welcome to FundingTraders, where our Forex prop firm provides an enticing profit split opportunity for traders like you. By default, we offer an 80% profit allocation to you, the trader, while retaining 20% for the firm. However, we believe in rewarding your dedication and skills, so we give you the option to upgrade your profit split through our convenient checkout process. With this upgrade, you can choose to enjoy a higher profit split of 90% or even an impressive 100%, maximizing your earnings and celebrating your success.

At FundingTraders, we understand that each trader has unique goals and risk preferences. Hence, we provide the flexibility to tailor your profit-sharing arrangement. If you're willing to have more skin in the game and take on greater earning potential, this upgrade is the perfect opportunity for you. As long as you've met the minimum trading period and adhered to our trading objectives, you're eligible for a payout that reflects your hard work and accomplishments. Join us today, and let's embark on a profitable journey together in the world of Forex trading.

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