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Is there any job openings at FundingTraders?
Is there any job openings at FundingTraders?

Are there any job listing open? Support avatar
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Application-based | We are actively hunting outstanding talent.
For now, we have filled our hiring needs.

But, if you believe you can bring extreme value to us and our traders, send us an email ([email protected]) to see if it fits what we are looking for at the moment.

Job Openings at FundingTraders

As of the current status: Open for Partnership

  • Content Creator

    If you have a community of traders and are great on camera, you might just be who we're looking for. We're seeking content creators who are focused on creating trading content for the FundingTraders community. We're also looking to partner with their community to run some campaigns.

  • Country Affiliate

    Do you have a country-focused trading page? Do you have experience being an affiliate marketer? You might be fit for our Tier-A Affiliate program! We're offering an exclusive affiliate program for affiliate marketers with a presence on Facebook or trading groups focused on different countries.

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