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Are EA/Bots/HFT allowed?

EAs and bots are allowed but HFT isn't. Read more on why. Support avatar
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EA/Bots Allowed | EAs/Bots are allowed but High-frequency Trading is not allowed.
โ€‹HFT is not allowed even with manually opened trades that last less than 15 seconds.

HFT is not allowed as it is not replicable in live market conditions in most cases. This is mainly due to latency limitations between the funded traders' account and our master account. This does not make it sustainable for us.

We advise you to consult with us regarding the eligibility of your EA/Bot that will be used.

At FundingTraders, we value innovation and automation in trading, and we permit the use of EAs (Expert Advisors) and Bots to enhance your trading experience. These tools can help streamline your trading strategies and improve efficiency in executing trades.

EAs that help with risk management and trade management are even encouraged by FundingTraders.

However, it's essential to note that High-Frequency Trading (HFT) is not allowed within our platform. The reason for this restriction is primarily due to the inherent challenges of replicating HFT strategies effectively in live market conditions, mainly because of latency limitations between funded traders' accounts and our master account. Ensuring fair and sustainable trading practices for all our users is our priority.

If you intend to use an EA or Bot in your trading, we recommend consulting with us regarding the eligibility and compatibility of your chosen tool. Our team is here to provide guidance and support, ensuring that your automated trading strategies align with our platform's policies and contribute to a successful and sustainable trading experience.

Important Notes:

  • Off-the-shelf EAs are not allowed (unless it's a risk management tool)

    • EAs that are for sale and bought online are not allowed

  • Grid Trading EAs are not allowed

    • Only allowed to scale-in once during a drawdown

  • HFT is not allowed

    • Trade duration 0-15 seconds

    • This includes tick scalping and spread scalping

  • Hedge Trading Systems are not allowed

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