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Are VPNs allowed?

Yes, it is allowed. Read more to get informed. Support avatar
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Allowed | Traders are allowed to use VPNs for enhanced online security while trading on our platform. We prioritize privacy and flexibility, enabling traders to safeguard their accounts and trade with confidence. However, it's essential for traders to take responsibility for keeping their accounts secure by maintaining login credentials and remaining vigilant against potential threats.

At FundingTraders, we understand the significance of ensuring clarity regarding the usage of VPNs on our platform. We recognize that privacy and security are paramount in the trading world, and we allow the use of Virtual Private Networks to enhance our users' online security.

It's important to emphasize that while VPNs are permitted, traders are solely responsible for maintaining the security of their accounts. This includes safeguarding login credentials and remaining vigilant against potential threats.

We prioritize creating a secure and flexible trading environment for our users, and allowing the use of VPNs is just one aspect of our commitment to ensuring a positive trading experience.

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